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Winner of the Danish Championship 5 times and 10 times No. 1 National: Anders Bo Brøbech, Ry, Denmark. (abstract from article of Christina Hinge and Michael Th. Larsen)

Anders Brøbech needs no further introduction, he has held his own at the peak of Danish pigeon racing for many years, and it’s hard to believe that anyone could surpass Anders’ interest in and commitment to the sport. He also takes part in all events in the racing calendar. Although Anders may be best known for his superb results at, long and marathon distances, he puts a great deal of effort and preparation into ranking among the best, even in the short-distance regional club races – and actually succeeds!

Anders has got a basic bloodline – or better – two ‘Brøbech lines’. These are two separate lines: ‘the check line’ and ‘the blue line’.

The blue line (Blå-Brøbech) Old blue family, Delbar + Grondelearse is represented by foundation birds DAN208-93-2, DAN115-93-632, DAN115-99-812 and DAN073-05-702, the old Delbar hen DAN208-86-329 and her offspring, the DAN208-97-300 hen and the DAN208-91-139 cock. and The check line (Blåtavlet-Brøbech) Old check family. Was started by Anders’ grandfather Carl Andersen in Allingåbro, Denmark, and is built around the foundation pair ‘DAN208-88-192 Cock’ and ‘DAN115-93-573 Hen’.

Unlike the check line, which is bred for marathon racing, ‘the blues’ are proper all-round pigeons, capable of winning young bird races and sprints, but their speciality is the one-day long-distance races. Crosses between the check line and the blue line have turned out to be excellent in national long-distance races, while crossing ‘the blues’ with Flor Engels, Janssen ore Jos De Klak pigeons have produced several top performers in sprint and middle-distance races. This family can win as youngsters, yearlings, and old pigeons from 150 to 900 km. They like all kinds of weather. The family features in the pedigree of nine national winners and over 200 top pigeons. 

Anders has also concentrated his efforts on birds from Flor Engels – Jos & Jules- (One example is the ’11-2081’ hen that was national winner from Limburg 644 km in 2014 – her sire is a Engels pigeon grandchild of ‘Argenton’) and Jos De Klak (bought 50 pigeons in 2009) This includes the breeding of a semi-national winner from Würzburg 707 km. with 50% Jos De Klak blood. In 2020 the super Ace-pigeon DAN073-17-115 is 75% Jos De Klak.

As a marathon specialist, Anders has of course also been on the lookout for more classic long-distance birds. He adds 12 Chris Hebberecht pigeons winners – including the semi-national winners from Karlsruhe 777 km in 2017 DAN073-15-1791. The Hebberechts has been particularly good in cross with Aarden and the two old Brøbech lines. 

Jannsen pigeons purchased directly from the breeder have also made a difference to Anders’ loft. The semi-National winner from Giessen 622 km in 2017 was a yearling of this ancestry DAN073-16-289, and DAN073-16-263 the semi-national winner from Minden 427 km and the pigeon DAN073-14-4198 to reach 3. national from Freiburg 910km have their roots in this bloodline as well. The Janssen are very good to pair with the Jos De Klak pigeons.

There is a definite strategy in the breeding work – top racers are always produced through crossbreeding, and as Anders puts it, ‘life is too short to be racing purebred pigeons’.

Anders is well known by most Danish pigeon fanciers, and you don’t need to be a great judge of character to realise that this is a truly serious sportsman. He is out to win everything – and he cuts no corners when it comes to achieving his goals.

Anders is passionate about one-day long-distance and marathon races, and these are his first priority. However, he also puts a great deal of effort into winning the sprints and middle-distance races. And, as his results show, he is doing rather well in these, too!

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Where were you born?


How old are you?


Where do you live?

On a small farm near Ry, Denmark

What work do you do?

I work with renovating houses.

Where is your loft?

Racing loft in the garden, breeding loft in the garage building.

How many years have you raised pigeons?

started in 1987 with my grandfather. I have raced on my own since 1992

How did you get to know racing pigeons (friends, family etc)?

Via my grandfather. The Brøbech pigeon family come from my grandfather’s pigeons. 

Why did you want to raise pigeons?

It has been my life for the last 30 years

How many pigeons do you have?

120 old racers, 250 youngsters, 95 breeding pairs

What kind of training do you do?

In the start i train 30 days in a row before the first race from 25 to 66 km.

How was 2022, did you participate in international competitions?

2022 was my best year if we take all distance in common. Via this like you can see all my results for the last two years.

Have you have done any auctions in the past?

A lot I have sold pigeons since 2002. 3 times auctions on Pipa and so on.

Which was the pigeon sold at the highest price?

I have sold many pigeons to very high prices. But I don’t like to show some of them.

What would you recommend to a young person who wants to become a pigeon fancier?

Buy pigeons from 2-3 different loft cross breed the pigeons, train, race and select a lot. Learn to take care of the pigeons. Get a good feed and bi-product’s plan to follow from a fancier how race good in your area. 

Many thanks Anders, the last question: Why you choose us of

I got in contact with online. I like they’re setup and website. Very professional people. I look forward to the collaboration.

Thank you so much from all the staff of and good luck for your auction on our website.